Taylor Blaire Photography Tale of Tails 

Taylor owns Dobermans - and is passionate about Animal Rescue. She is located in the Myrtle Beach Area. Check out our work above. 

Katelyn Avots   Visit Katelyns Website Here - Bio to come

Lisa McLainLisa Works full time as an process engineer in  Wilmington , NC married for over 25 years - they have always had pets - until recently always labs and lab mixes.

Her job keeps her pretty busy but when not crunching numbers she pursues her other loves - photography and antiques -

She has run a online antique store for 10 + years in one fashion or another -

She is currently the house mate of two rescues - Charlie and Shylo - both  terrier mixes - rescues from WARM . Their last Labrador passed away last year and for now they are happy to keep their family small. It is the first time they have not had large dogs in their lives.

Lisa photographs events, pets, and on occasion people if you twist her arm.

She is an occasional Volunteer at Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission. It was through them that she thought of the idea to start a group of photographers a pool of resources for rescues to use .  After All First impressions really do matter! 

Visit Lisa's Portfolio here

Debbie Hancock Packer

Debbie works full time as a Creative Manager and photographer for a well known powerboat company. In her free time, she enjoys her two Pembroke Welsh Corgis (Roy and Griswold), traveling, photography, and photo editing. On weekends, Debbie is a hobbyist / part-time photographer who hopes to one day turn photography into more of a full time career. She enjoys photographing animals, models, couples, families, seniors, and the occasional wedding.

No stranger to rescue pets, Debbie had bunnies for 14 years, with two of four of them being rescue rabbits. This brought her to volunteer her photography, design, and web design skills for a rabbit sanctuary where she continues to volunteer today. In addition to her  Corgis, Debbie has provided homes to several rescue dogs in the past, and currently lives with a rescue dog (a Basset / Dachshund mix), a rescue cat, and a rescue African Grey parrot, all of whom belong to her husband. With all those pets, they have to split pet ownership responsibilities.

While Debbie is very excited to photograph dogs and other animals to help give them a better chance at finding a forever home, she has made a pact with herself to not bring home any additional animals, no matter how much she falls in love with them...for now anyway  - Visit Debbie's portfolio here